2021 CIE/SEA Asian American Luminary Award Recipients

Asian American Corporate Leadership Award

Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec (See Bio)
Vice President, Amazon Web Service
“Don’t be afraid to make a bold ask. Often it’s less bold than you think and opens a door that is waiting for you to step through. I am honored and grateful to receive this award and hope I can continue to help the community with my efforts.

Richard Wang (See Bio)
CEO, Coding Dojo
“I’m proud to be driving social impact with education and transforming lives through digital literacy.”

Asian American Entrepreneurial Achievement Award

Robert Y. Wang (See Bio)
Director, Research Science, Meta
“I am honored by this recognition, and I hope others in the Asian American community will be inspired to step outside of their comfort zone.

Asian American Science and Engineering Innovation Award

Cha Zhang (See Bio)
Partner Software Engineering Manager, Microsoft
“I feel privileged to receive the award, and hope to inspire more talents from the Asian American community to pursue science and engineering innovations and make the world a better place.”

Asian American Service & Leadership Award

Beth Takekawa (See Bio)
Executive Director (retd.), Wing Luke Museum
“The Wing Luke Museum is a place of love, home, surprises, and will continue to send a message of community power.”