Asian American Engineer of the Year Awards (AAEOY)

Each year, CIE/USA National Council works with CIE local chapters to organize an annual awards event honoring outstanding Asian American leaders.

AAEOY creates a meaningful platform to recognize outstanding Asian American professionals in academia, public services and corporate entities for their personal achievements as well as for the significant contributions to their associated institution, our communities and our nation. Many of the recipients represent monumental breakthroughs in science and technology. The impacts are global and everlasting, and the results benefit all mankind.

Previous award recipients include Dr. Leo Esaki, the 1973 Nobel Prize winner in Physics; Dr. Chang-Lin Tien, former chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley; Dr. Samuel Ting, the 1976 Nobel Prize winner in Physics; Dr. Steven Chu, 1997 Nobel Prize winner in Physics; Dr. Yuan-Cheng Fung, Prof. Emeritus, Dept of Bioengineering at Univ. of Calif., San Diego; Dr. Daniel Chee Tsui, 1998 Nobel Prize winner in Physics; Dr. Albert Y.C. Yu, former Senior VP of Intel, and Dr. Yuan Tseh Lee, 1986 Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry; and many other outstanding achievers from corporate America that were presented to us by their corporate sponsors.

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International Conferences

To promote international collaboration, the CIE/USA partners with organizations across the Greater China Region to host technical conferences for American and Chinese communities to share research, insights and professional best practices.

CIE/USA International Conferences Include:

Sino-American Technology and Engineering Conference (SATEC)

First held in 1993, this bi-annual conference is organized in collaboration with the People’s Republic of China and will be held in fall 2009.

Modern Engineering and Technology Seminar (METS)

In collaboration with the Taiwan national government, this bi-annual technology conference was founded in 1966 between the CIE-NY and CIE-ROC chapters. Its next event takes place in 2008.

Forum for HK Technology and Engineering Development (HKTED)

Founded in 2006, this bi-annual conference is held in collaboration with the government of Hong Kong and will be held in 2009.

EWeek 2008

In 2008, CIE/USA co-chaired National Engineers Week (EWEEK) along with Honorary Co-Chair and IBM CEO Samuel J. Palmissano, reaching over a hundred thousand students and families exploring the impact and opportunity in engineering careers.

For more information, please review a final report of EWeek 2008 results.

As a CIE/USA strategic partner, a broad range of National and Regional CIE events and activities are made possible by funding from IBM.

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