Y.P. Chan, CEO of Avidian Technologies Inc, Principal of Chanden Inc.

Y.P. Chan is a principal at Chanden Inc. focusing on investment and business advisory services primarily in Greater China and the United States. He is also a CEO and owner of Avidian Technologies Inc, a Seattle based software company. He is an advisor, consultant and shareholder of Voxa Inc. Y.P. has over 20 years of experience working in USA, Greater China, Japan and South Korea. He has management, entrepreneurship and investment experience in running companies that range from start-ups to be a CEO of an US publicly listed company. He obtained both his MBA and MSEE degrees from Columbia University under IBM sponsorship. He worked at IBM Poughkeepsie Laboratories as an electrical and computer engineer. He worked at TRW and Honeywell.

He is currently an advisory board member of The University of Washington Bothell School of Business, a Visiting Executive Lecturer in the Darden Business School, a Practical MBA Mentor at Tianjin University and a Part-Time Professor at Southwest University of Science and Technology in China. He was a lecturer at MBA program on “Practical Entrepreneurship and Venture Investing” at Shanghai University. He is the co-authored of business cases and articles in the Darden Business Publishing and Washington Post.