October 25, (Saturday), 2014

2014 APA Youth MathComp & ScienceFun

For more than decade long tradition, 2014 APA Youth MathComp and ScienceFun program will be held on the October 25th at the Interlake High School, Bellevue. Registration for the program had already begun and the deadline is October 22, 2014. For more details, please refer to the links below:

MathComp Winners

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Program Flyer

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September 13 (Saturday), 2014

2014 CIE/USA-Seattle Annual Convention and APA Youth Scholarship Awards

We are honored to have Dr. Yi-Min Wang (Managing Director, Microsoft Research Technologies (MSR-T) as our keynote speaker. Onsite events include afternoon seminars (Benefits and Challengers of Data Driven Practices), evening banquet, networking, scholarship awards and dance performance. For more details, please refer to the event flyer below:

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2014 Annual Convention Flyer

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September 27 (Saturday), 2014

Business Innovations with Mobile Communications and IOT (Internet of Things)

CIE-Seattle will partner with Nanhai once again for the 2014 Seattle Biz-Tech Summit on ‘Business Innovations with Mobile Communications and IOT’. For more details about the summit, please visit the site below:

Summit Program Website

April 13, (Sunday), 2014

Unique Challenges & Risks for Chinese Americans in Science and Technology

The seminar isfocusing on the complex U.S. laws on trade secrets, espionage, and export controls that can particularly affect Chinese Americans. Committee of 100 members Nelson Dong and George Koo will highlight the

requirements and risks posed by these laws. Please see the announcement below for more details:

Seminar Announcement

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April 01, 2014 to June 15, 2014 (opening period)

CIE-Seattle APA Youth Scholarship Program

A motivation program designed to promote APA youth career interest in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). There are three award categories covering 7th graders to undergraduate college students with a total award amount of $4000. Application period begins April 1, 2014 and ends June 15, 2014. Please visit links below for more details:

Scholarship Winners (Aug 1, 2014)

Scholarship Program Announcement

Scholarship Program Details

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March 5, (Wednesday), 2014

CIE/USA-Seattle COMAC Dinner Seminar

The delegation of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) will provide us an overview for the development of Civil Aircraft in China. The dinner will be complimentary. For the event registration, please complete a registration form below:

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