2022 AALA leadership seminar – Leading While Asian (LWA)

Click Here to register this event. March 3rd, 2022. Washington State Governor Inslee congratulates the CIE/USA-SEA Asian American Luminary Awards (AALA) recipients and the youth scholarship recipients before the upcoming 2022 AALA Leadership Seminar Series is to take place. We are extremely excited about the support from the Governor on our cause in recognizing talented […]

AALA Awards 2021 Recipients

2021 CIE/SEA Asian American Luminary Award Recipients Asian American Corporate Leadership Award Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec (See Bio)Vice President, Amazon Web Service “Don’t be afraid to make a bold ask. Often it’s less bold than you think and opens a door that is waiting for you to step through. I am honored and grateful to receive […]

2021 Asian American Luminary Awards Nomination Program

In every field of achievement, from science and technology to arts and athletics to business and politics, Asian Americans are to be found, loyal to this country, adding to its diversity, and contributing to its distinction. Like other Americans, they are proud of their ethnic heritage, guarantee America’s paramount position leading and innovating for the […]