Written by Amanda Ong

After a two year break due to the pandemic, the annual CIE MathComp and Science Fun competition resumed at Sammamish High School on the 20th of November, 2022. Around 50 students from a variety of elementary and middle schools ranging from 3rd to 8th grade participated in the afternoon of friendly competition and fun.

Three of the top robotic teams from around the region, FRC 2412, FTC 11138, and FTC 18225, (pictured on the right) were also in attendance to inspire the participants with informational presentations and exciting demonstrations.

The event began with the math competition, where students solved 30-35 advanced math problems based on their grade. Following this, students were split into seven teams of mixed grades to complete the science competition task. Working together, each team developed a unique design for a balloon-powered cardboard car that could travel the furthest. The event concluded with an award ceremony for the students with the top three scores in each grade for the math competition, as well as medals for the top three teams in the science competition.

A big thank you to the event coordinators and twelve high school and college volunteers (Listed below) who helped ensure the event ran smoothly! For more information about CIE and future events, please visit www.cie-sea.org

Click here to view MathComp results.

Twelve high school and college volunteers:

Alyssa WongSammamish High School
Jonah KowalSammamish High School
Johanna LianSammamish High School
Leonardo BoucherSammamish high school
Kobe NguyenSammamish High School
Eesha JainInterlake High School
Amanda OngUniversity of Washington
Julia WangThe Bush School
Cynthia LuNewport High School
Andrew PaiNewport High School
Andy TienNewport High School
Gavin ZhouIssaqua High School