AALA Seminar #1

Creating Unique Advantages for Startups
10:00 – 11:30 AM, Saturday, January 16 2021

Summary of Chris Own’s 30 Minutes Talk:
Every product begins with an idea, and the path by which those ideas turn into impactful technologies in our society is often convoluted. But one thing is constant: impactful technologies have a disruptive component, with the unique potential to change the status quo.  Often the best opportunities are found at the boundaries between traditional fields.  Chris will share examples of creating unique advantages during his journey commercializing wide-ranging tools from a single technology stack.  He will offer ideas and mental models for developing and using advantages for the upcoming technology landscape.

Summary of Y.P. Chan’s 30 Minutes Talk:
Many founders would think about business model, domain knowledge, experience, technologies and products as unique advantages for start-up. However, few of them really spend time on start-up motivation, company culture, core team, performance driven system (incentives and accountability), cash flow and execution.  Based on his own start-ups, corporate turnaround around and consulting/management experience from start-up to public listed company, Y.P. will share in insight on these critical elements of start-up. 

About the Speakers: 
Dr. Christopher S Own, CEO and Founder Voxa

Dr. Christopher Own creates tools that deliver improved understanding of materials and biological systems at the sub-micrometer scale, to provide foundational elements that catalyze the next generation of technologies and discoveries.

Chris has more than two decades’ experience in scientific instrumentation with a focus in electron microscopy (EM) and analytical chemistry. He has founded three profitable companies and worked with multiple startup companies commercializing novel charged-particle based nanoscale imaging and characterization technologies. Trained at Northwestern University with funding from the prestigious Fannie and John Hertz Foundation fellowship, his technical career spans thin films research, electron crystallography, materials characterization, biological imaging/informatics, and spaceflight instrumentation. Chris has published in broad areas with over 50 publications, book chapters, and patents.

Chris was on the design team that produced the world’s first aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) at Nion company. It imaged individual atoms and impurities in sheet molecules like graphene and boron nitrene for the first time, which was reported on the cover of Nature magazine in 2010. He transitioned to the life sciences to help drive novel personalized medicine, leading a team to build the first EM-based gene sequencer at Silicon Valley startup Halcyon Molecular.

Chris’s current teams work to commercialize novel automated nanoscale imaging systems and related technologies, and have sent the first EM into space. Voxa’s deep technology portfolio of imaging and automation technologies pushes the envelope of microscopy, from petascale human brain maps at the synaptic level to the world’s first portable electron microscopes, bringing powerful analog capabilities into the digital and cloud-based present and future. Voxa systems have impact in broad fields, ranging from agriculture, ocean research, energy, exploration, and the biological sciences including to help unlock secrets of cellular organization and interaction. Voxa works with and serves with leading institutions including Allen Institute for Brain Sciences, Princeton, MIT, Harvard, Chulalongkorn University, and the US government.

The tiny Mochii electron microscope will serve on the International Space Station (ISS) as part of the backbone of research services at the ISS National Laboratory, where it will identify microscopic crew and space vehicle mission threats, serve as a platform for exploration beyond low Earth orbit including to Moon and Mars, and support novel microgravity research, engineering education, and technology development for the benefit of humanity.

Chris lives in Seattle with his wife and two children and enjoys road cycling, competitive eSports, and violin.

Y.P. Chan, CEO of Avidian Technologies Inc, Principal of Chanden Inc.

Y.P. Chan is a principal at Chanden Inc. focusing on investment and business advisory services primarily in Greater China and the United States. He is also a CEO and owner of Avidian Technologies Inc, a Seattle based software company. He is an advisor, consultant and shareholder of Voxa Inc. Y.P. has over 20 years of experience working in USA, Greater China, Japan and South Korea. He has management, entrepreneurship and investment experience in running companies that range from start-ups to be a CEO of an US publicly listed company. He obtained both his MBA and MSEE degrees from Columbia University under IBM sponsorship. He worked at IBM Poughkeepsie Laboratories as an electrical and computer engineer. He worked at TRW and Honeywell.

He is currently an advisory board member of The University of Washington Bothell School of Business, a Visiting Executive Lecturer in the Darden Business School, a Practical MBA Mentor at Tianjin University and a Part-Time Professor at Southwest University of Science and Technology in China. He was a lecturer at MBA program on “Practical Entrepreneurship and Venture Investing” at Shanghai University. He is the co-authored of business cases and articles in the Darden Business Publishing and Washington Post.

AALA Seminar #2

U.S., China and Chinese Americans: A human Bridge
for Better Bilateral Relations

10:00 – 11:30 AM Saturday, January 30 2021

The U.S. and China have become economically interdependent and yet have deep political and cultural differences that cause each nation’s leaders to think less about “constructive engagement” and more and more about “strategic competition and conflict.” Chinese Americans, especially those of the first generation immigrants who were born and educated in China, are inevitably affected by – and themselves can affect — these bilateral relationships.

Conrad Lee, former Mayor and a long time City Council member in Bellevue, and Nelson Dong, a partner with the Dorsey & Whitney law firm who has worked extensively on U.S.-China trade and investment matters, will discuss the current and foreseeable state of the U.S.-China relationship and some of the ways that Chinese Americans can themselves play a more active role in the improvement of that relationship at the local, county, state and national levels.

AALA Seminar #3

How to Transition from Manager to Leader 
10:00 – 11:30 AM Saturday, February 13 2021

Theme: How to Transition from Manager to Leader
Understand the characteristics, qualities and attributes of proven leaders. You will learn:
• The difference between management and leadership
• The traits of successful leaders and how you can develop them
• How to evaluate your progress as a leader
Speakers: Lan Ye, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft
Nyle Miyamoto, Senior Director, Boeing
Session NameTime
Welcome and Speakers Intro Angelina10 min
Topic 1 – “Leadership Development” Lan Ye30 min
Topic 2 – “The Leadership Formula” Nyle Miyamoto30 min
Q&A All20 min

AALA Seminar #4

From Pandemic to Cancers
– Tackling the Health Challenges in the 21st Century
10:00 – 11:30 AM, Saturday, February 27 2021

Ning Zheng, PhD

Topic: How to Drug the Undruggable?

Title: Professor and HHMI Investigator

Affiliation: Department of Pharmacology, University of Washington

Shan-Lu Liu, MD, PhD

Topic: SARS-CoV2: Evolution, Entry and Immunity to infection

Title: Professor and Co-Director of Virus and Emerging Pathogen Program

Affiliation: Infectious Diseases Institute, Center for Retrovirus Research, The Ohio State University