In every field of achievement, from science and technology to arts and athletics to business and politics, Asian Americans are to be found, loyal to this country, adding to its diversity, and contributing to its distinction. Like other Americans, they are proud of their ethnic heritage, guarantee America’s paramount position leading and innovating for the world.

AALA is a platform to honor and celebrate outstanding Asian American professionals and leaders with high achievements and contributions in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) within Pacific Northwest. CIE/USA-SEA is very proud to provide such a platform to recognize their remarkable careers. This year, we feel as committed as ever to honoring and celebrating outstanding Asian American professionals and leaders during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.


We welcome nominations for individuals showing leadership and achievement in one of the following awarded categories:

– Asian American Corporate leadership Award

– Asian American Entrepreneurial achievement Award

– Asian American Science and Engineering Innovation Award

– Asian American Services and Leadership Award

Nomination due date: 07/19/2020 -> !!! Extended to August 2nd, 2020 !!!

Award announcement and ceremony: September 2020 (tentative) at the Annual Convention

Eligibility for nomination and selection criteria can be found at here. Nominations can be submitted online at here.

Questions about this program and nomination process can be submitted to