Session 1: Emerging & Breakthrough of AI applications (Grand Ballroom B)

  1. 13:00-13:40   Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Aviation Industry 
    • (Dr. Anne Kao, Senior Technology Fellow, the Boeing Company)
    • Abstract:  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest growing fields in computer science, and the hottest topic in modern technology, promising to revolutionize our daily lives. However,  with all the excitement comes a lot of hype, and it becomes hard to tell what’s reality and what’s science fiction; has the “HAL 9000” arrived? In this talk, we’ll review briefly the evolution of AI, its past and current state, and where we see its successes. We will also discuss applications of AI in aviation industry and how it might impact our daily life and people’s careers.
  2. 13:40-14:20   Microsoft Xiaoice – Breakthrough in EQ and Conversational AI
    • (Ying Wang, Director of Microsoft Global Xiaoice)
    • Abstract: The way we interact with our devices is changing rapidly and we’re now beginning to witness the early days of a transition to the next big shift in computing—one that is fueled by the advent of AI and built around a behavior that is most natural to humans—conversations and EQ. With the innovation of Xiaoice, Microsoft has rapidly made progresses in advancement of the EQ oriented conversational technology and applications. In four years, Xiaoice product lines had 6 iterations, launched in 5 markets, is recognized as the top social conversational AI globally with 660M user base, active on 14 top consumer platforms globally. Her EQ oriented conversational capability,  full duplex voice sense and real-time vision enable Xiaoice(s) to be omnipresent in IM chat, in groups, on IoT devices as a companion and assistant. Enhanced with AI creation, Xiaoice(s) are also active TV show/radio program host(s) in regular programs, a rising poet, song writer & singer with first album release. We will share our learnings and our vision to see how Xiaoice(s) will continue to participate in human society and business ecosystems.
  3. 14:20-15:00   Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Automation
    • (Dr. Roberto Lu, Vice President at TE Connectivity)
    • Abstract: Modern manufacturing is very different from the Ford Model T, which you can order any car you like as long as their colors are all black! In our modern automation, flexibility together with speed are essential, given that they conflict to each other naturally. In addition to the flexibility and speed, or Mass Customization, artificial intelligence has been gaining practical value and in use in many industries and business practices. Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning is revolutionize our industry today. There are multiple data sources quoted that many today’s jobs will disappear in less than 10 years and new types of jobs will be needed. Why is artificial intelligence and machine learning important to automation? Imaging that computing power can automatically managing complicated automation tasks with intelligence via self learning? What are the devices may help us to enable such learning? This presentation will illustrate couple examples with initial successes.
  4. 15:00-15:40   The Evolving U.S.-China Relationship in 2018: What Career and Business Effects Can Chinese American Engineers Expect? 
    • (Nelson G. Dong J.D., Partner, Dorsey’s Corporate Group)
    • Abstract: Despite their efforts to establish some working relationship, President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping are facing an unprecedented level of tension and disagreement between the United States and China. What can these sharp differences in national industrial policy, regard for intellectual property, views in sovereignty and national security, trade and economics and global business practices mean for Chinese American engineers working in the technology sector? Nelson Dong, a member of CIE-Seattle’s Board of Advisors and a highly respected international technology attorney at the Dorsey & Whitney law firm, will review these current bilateral disagreements between the U.S. and China (including many recent U.S. legal changes) and explain their potential impacts upon the careers and businesses of many Chinese American technologists in industry as well as in higher education and government service. Nelson will draw his talk not only from his more than 40 years of practical international legal experience but also from his service as a long-time director of the Washington State China Relations Council and the National Committee on US-China Relations and as a member of the Committee of 100.

Session 2: Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Lake Chelan) 

  1. 13:00-13:40   Opportunities and Challenges in Cross-border Innovation)
    • (Amy Du, CEO of VestLink)
  2. 13:40-14:20   Entrepreneurship Opportunities in AI Field
    • (Amanda Guo, Global VP of Sugon)
  3. 14:20-15:00   From Molecules to MW Batteries – A Journey Turning Lab Discovery into Commercial Products
    • (Gary Yang, Founder and CTO of UniEnergy Technologies)  

Session 3a (13:00-14:30):Interests, Extracurricular and Passion (Lake Coeur’d Alene)

  1. Extracurricular Activities in Light of College Admissions
    • (Myungkee Min, Chief College Admissions Counselor at Dr. Min’s Education Consulting)
  2. Let Kids Decide Their Own Future
    • (YP Chan, Principal at Chanden Inc.)
  3. Learn and Grow with Allen
    • (Wenge Zhang, Founder of Seattle Institute of Education)

Session 3b (14:30-16:00): Civic Engagement and Opportunities for High School Student

  1. Community Engagement Through Dialog
    • (Conrad Lee, Bellevue City Council Member)
  2. American Creed (Edwin Ong, Mayoral Intern) + Panel Discussion (Interns)

Annual Convention Banquet (Grand Ballroom B & C)

04:00 pm    to   05:00 pm                 Reception

05:00 pm    to   06:00 pm                 Evening Banquet Registration

06:00 pm    to   06:10 pm                 Convention Greetings

06:10 pm    to   06:40 pm                 Special Tribute to Mayer Edward Lee

06:40 pm    to   07:30 pm                 Banquet Dinner

07:30 pm    to   07:50 pm                  Keynote Speech: Jennette Ramos, Senior VP, Boeing “Ready for the Age of Disruption”

07:50 pm    to   08:00 pm                  Special Guest Speaker David Ku, VP, Microsoft

08:00 pm    to   08:50 pm                  Asian American Luminary Award

08:50 pm    to   09:20 pm                  16th Annual APA Youth Scholarship Award

09:20 pm    to   09:30 pm                   Closing Remark